10 Plumbing Tips You Aren't Using That You Need To Protect the Value of Your Home

Leak Detection
When it comes to maintaining your home, do you know what steps are necessary in the area of plumbing? Most homeowners do not think much about plumbing. After all, it’s something that happens virtually unseen until there’s a backed up drain, a pretty bad blockage, or a non-flushing toilet. What you may not know, though, is that there are steps you can take now to ensure your home’s plumbing system is functioning properly. Employ these and stop having to worry about the risks! Here are your plumbing in Houston tips.
#1: Have you thought about leaks yet?
Leaks happen in many ways and can occur mostly unseen in many of today’s homes. It’s essential that you look for signs of leaks, such as damage to flooring or tiles under toilets, ceiling tile water damage from under water locations such as sinks and bathtubs, or mold buildup. Getting leak detection in Houston is also recommended especially in situations where a mildew-like smell exists but you don’t see a problem present. It’s likely hidden behind tiling or floorboards.
#2: Is that drain draining slowly?
You may not notice this one right away, but a slow moving drain is one that’s likely clogged with some type of buildup of material or a blockage of hair or other debris. What’s important here is to notice the slow movement as soon as possible. This is the perfect time to strike! Get your drain moving freely again by calling a technician in to remove any material that’s built up inside the pipes or drains.
#3: Water pressure in the shower isn’t all that great anymore?
Another key sign that you are having trouble with plumbing issues happens in the shower. Do you find that the nice, how, pressurized shower you love just isn’t happening anymore? When that stream isn’t as strong as it used to be, this could indicate a plumbing problem. It could be due to a blockage or buildup in the lines. In most cases, though, it is due to the showerhead. Replacing it may provide you with better pressure and an improved shower.
#4: Are you jiggling the toilet handle a lot lately?
This is often one of those things that you tell the kids. “Go into the bathroom and jiggle the toilet’s handle a bit.” You know that the seal on the toilet’s tank isn’t great anymore and that’s why the water continues to run. What you may not know is that you can avoid this by investing just a few minutes once a year to replace those seals and other rubber components in your toilet. It does not have to mean spending a lot of time repairing your toilet, but you’ll save money with this ongoing maintenance tip.
#5: You haven’t jetted those lines – ever
One of the best ways to prevent smelly sewer backups is to have your sewer lines jetted at least one time a year. What’s in there?

  • Debris
  • Buildup of grease and grime from your drains
  • Tree roots
  • Anything else that’s gone down the drain

The problem is that this material builds up in these lines over time. The longer it happens, the harder it is to clean and remove. Over time, this can create a blockage that creates a backup right into your home. Jetting pushes all of that out and cleans the lines to ensure there’s no risk.
#6: That drip is keeping you up at night
The sink in the bathroom is dripping. You only hear it in the middle of the night when everything else in the house is off and quiet. That drip is actually costing you up to several hundred dollars each year. All you need to do is to replace or repair the faucet specifically the o-rings that are around the spout. Doing this will help you to have a good night’s sleep.
#7: The garbage disposal isn’t smelling good, is it?
When you walk into the kitchen first thing in the morning and you smell something, it may not be the garbage that didn’t go out. It might be the garbage disposal. Food easily can become clogged in the disposal, decomposing over time. This can create a number of problems for you over time including a malfunctioning disposal. It’s a good idea to have your disposal properly maintained by a technician at least once every couple of years or more often if it isn’t running properly.
#8: What’s up with that garage drain?
How much debris ends up in the garage drain and sewer line? Because of its location and likely larger drain holes than other locations in the home, it is very easy for debris to get into that drain. That drain generally will go out to the main sewer system of your home. However, it can also become clogged. When it does, especially in the middle of winter when things like this tend to happen, it can be costly to repair. Be sure you have these lines jetted as well and, if possible, keep the drain screen as clean as possible.
#9: Are your water bills higher than ever?
When you are tired of spending money on water bills, install energy efficient faucets, showerheads, and appliances. This can help you to save a significant amount of money on your energy costs and it is good for the environment as well. It’s a win-win situation!
#10: Struggling with cold showers?
Yet, another system in your home that needs regular attention is your hot water tank. When was the last time that you had it inspected to ensure it was operating safely? Not only can regular maintenance keep it running well long term, but it can also help to reduce your energy costs. You may even be able to enjoy hot showers longer when you maintain your hot water tank.
Which of these plumbing problems are your concern? If you have not taken the time to keep these systems working right, now is the time to do just that. It does not have to take a lot of time for you to get your plumbing up to date and working at its best. However, making the mistake of not keeping these systems working well could mean a big mess and an expensive problem to cleanup later.

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