Plumbing in Houston Needs Immediate Attention From Southern Plumbing After a Cold Snap

If there’s one thing that the recent cold snap experienced by half the country has shown it’s that plumbing in Houston as well as anywhere else can be damaged by the cold. Water is easily and safely transferred by pipes when things are normal, and those pipe systems can last for years without issue. However, when water actually freezes, even underground, it expands, and that can cause a significant increase in water pressure up and down the line. However, with frozen water no one notices anything except that the water isn’t running.

When the cold snap ends, water eventually melts and the same water pressure that moved the system originally becomes a source of problems for plumbing in Houston and elsewhere. Burst pipes, joint leaks, split seams, and separated lines happen, all causing significant structure damage very quickly with the release water.

The first thing anyone should do during a cold snap and before it warms up again is to secure a quality leak detection in Houston. Post-winter and post-cold checklists won’t always include checking the plumbing, but they should. A plumbing inspection visit can immediately tell a homeowner or building manager where leaks and water damage are going to happen when the cold snap ends. Doing so can help prevent major damage from occurring before water melts and becomes liquid again.

Today’s plumbing systems are no exception to cold weather risks. Just because there’s far more use of flexible materials such as rubber hosing and PVC doesn’t mean it will do better with freezing temperatures. In fact, such plumbing lines may flex more, hiding even more problems than a regular metal pipe. A trained plumber will see the problems immediately, including many conditions and symptoms that the average person may not notice.

So if your home and area is experiencing a serious cold snap in the winter in the Houston region, given Southern Plumbing a call. Their experienced staff and technicians know how to deal with the effects of the cold, and they can keep your home or business safe from preventable damage. Southern Plumbing provides services in plumbing line installation and repair, water heater installation and repair, clogged drain clearing, line rerouting, and more. Further, Southern Plumbing can provide these services for all types of budgets and need, working with customers to help solve their plumbing problems with a package that’s affordable.

Don’t gamble your home or business with plumbing risks when your area experiences a serious cold snap. Dealing with the problem ahead of time with basic plumbing in Houston inspection can potentially save a lot of time, frustration and dollars down the road.

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