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Plumbing is a rarely discussed, but regularly utilized, necessity in every home. Those searching for help with plumbing in Houston, or a gas leak in Houston, can often become discouraged or confused, and don’t know where to look for answers to their plumbing questions. Southern plumbers is a reliable, trusted, and knowledgable company that is dedicated to solving and fixing every plumbing and gas problem.
As is the case with most home improvements, maintance is the key to a healthy plumbing system. Your toilets, sinks, and showers/bathtubs are used daily, and often suffer from the constant use they endure. There are several small things you can do throughout the year to help your plumbing system stay healthy and effecient. Here are some tips from Southern Plumbing, your go to source for questions and advice about plumbing in Houston:

  • Always make sure to brush your hair away from open drains. One of the most prevailent causes of clogged drains is loose hair; clogs can cause tons of trouble, and often requires professional unclogging. After showers or baths, be sure to remove any loose hair so that it will not be washed down the drain.
  • Never flush foreign objects, including hair, cat litter, wax, paper towels, etc, down toilets or bathroom drains. These objects damage pipes and cause long term problems.
  • Always fix small leaks when they arise. Although a minor leak may seem like just an annoyance, it can often lead to a damaged drain, or a busted plumbing element that will require expensive professional help.
  • Replace eroding parts immediatly. Calcium often builds up around tub and sink fixtures, causing rusting and erosion. If you spot a visibly damaged plumbing component, replace it as soon as possible so that it doesn’t turn into a larger problem.
  • Consider using a mild and gentle drain cleaner on a regular basis, especially in drains that get constant use, such as a kitchen sink, where food waste is often dumped, or in the shower, where grim and hair collects.
  • As with bathroom drains, never put anything that is not a food product down a kitchen garbage disposal. They are not meant for man made plastics, metals, or hair, but these objects often find their way into disposals.
  • Get to know your sewage system. This may sound odd, but many plumbing problems arise every year from tree roots growing through septic lines, or busted septic pipes from construction. Find out where your septic tank is, and where the main lines are, and be aware of what is happening around them.
  • Get regular septic check ups. Enlist a professional to check your septic system at least once a year, so that they can spot problems before they arise.
  • Take a few moments to check your home’s water pressure level with a water pressure gauge, which you can buy at nearly any retail store. When your water pressure is too high, it puts added pressure and strain on drains.

Altough plumbing in Houston can be quick and simple with the help of Southern Plumbing, learning plumbing maintanence will save you time, money, and a headache. For problems that require professional help, contact Southern Plumbing immediatly, and trust your plumbing to the experts.

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