Questions To Determine If You Need Sewer Drain Cleaning

What are the signs for needing sewer drain cleaning?
There are a variety of signs for needing a sewer drain cleaning. Familiarizing yourself with these as a homeowner or business owner can be beneficial so you can keep an eye out for problems and seek assistance the moment you notice a problem. Many problems can be avoided by catching them early. The signs of a sewer drain clog can include odors, a backup of fluid, and bubbling taking place as water goes down the drain or if the toilet is flushed.
How often should sewer drain cleaning be scheduled?
Sewer drain cleaning should be scheduled on a regular basis to avoid various problems. Professionals can come out to a home or business to clean the drain so that clogs do not form. Troubleshooting can take place at this time as well and address any concerns. Depending upon the location and overall volume of people who use the plumbing, the drain cleaning should be done at least once a year, and sometimes as often as quarterly.
Will a company tell me if a sewer drain cleaning will be ineffective?
There can be times when drain cleaning will be ineffective and a company should tell you this when they come out to diagnose the problem. If there are other issues that are going on, the best solution may be to explore a sewer replacement. This will allow you to say goodbye to the problems that you have been dealing with on a regular basis. While it is more expensive to undergo a replacement, it may be the best way to overcome the issues once and for all.
What do I need to know about scheduling a drain cleaning in Houston?
Scheduling a sewer drain cleaning in Houston does not have to be a time consuming task. You should have a basic understanding of how sewer drains work. This will ensure you know when to call for the cleaning and what to expect when the professionals come out. When you call to schedule, you should ensure that:

  • The company is licensed and insured
  • You know of the costs
  • The company has a solid reputation

You can call Southern Plumbing to learn more about sewer drain cleaning. Questions can be answered over the phone and you can learn more when the professional arrives on site.

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