Reasons Why You May Need Sewer Replacement

Sewer replacement should always be a last resort due to the high cost and extensive work that is required. For this reason, it is always best to attempt a sewer drain cleaning before you move on to more extensive processes. There are many reasons why a regular cleaning may not be enough to clear up your sewer drains enough to provide for the easy flow that is required to keep your system operating properly.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are one of the leading causes of sewer damage. As the trees around your home grow, their roots spread out below the ground. If the tree is located close to your sewer line, these roots could puncture your sewer line and grow inside, blocking the flow of sewage. This can lead to the need for sewer replacement. If you want to prevent this problem, you will need to either plant sewer-friendly trees or shrubs or place a barrier in the ground between your sewer lines and the trees to keep the roots from growing in that direction.

Severe Clogs

In some situations, your sewer lines can become so clogged that there is no way to clear out the debris so the sewage can flow through the pipes smoothly again. Before you make the decision to hire someone for sewer replacement due to frequent clogs, it is best to bring in a plumber who can attempt to snake your sewer lines with an industrial sewer snake. Sometimes it requires the help of a professional to clear a particularly stubborn clog. Unfortunately, if the plumber can’t clear the clog, it may become necessary to completely replace the sewer line instead.

Cracked Pipes

Over time, the sewer pipes under the ground can become brittle and may begin to break apart. This should not happen for many years, but due to external factors, it can happen more quickly than homeowners expect. Having your sewer lines inspected on a regular basis can help you identify when you need sewer replacement due to cracked pipes. Finding this issue as soon as possible will reduce the amount of damage that occurs and keep the environment around your home safe. If you notice slow draining, bad smells or frequent backups, it is time to have your sewer lines evaluated by the professionals.

The sewer system in your home is designed to remove the waste water safely from your home to keep the environment as safe as possible. When your sewer lines are compromised for any reason, though, you must consider sewer replacement. This replacement will allow you to regain full use of your sewer system without concern over leaks, clogs and other problems. Learning the primary reasons why you may need to replace your sewers will help you determine when it is time to call the professionals for help.

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