Consider The Energy Savings When Estimating Your Water Heater Replacement Cost

The old water heater has died as you now need to figure out the water heater replacement cost on whether to install a new water heater or to try to fix the old one. There are numerous things to consider when it comes to the costs of a water heater. Besides the replacement of the heater itself, you may want to consider the expenses to replace pipe work, the amount of space available for the water heater, the amount of hot water used, the fuel source and the energy savings.

Before you decide to simply repair your water heater, ask yourself the following question: how much water do you use? This may be the most important factor that can determine whether water heater replacement is ideal for your home. If you are using large amounts of water that never feels truly hot, you and your family may have outgrown the size of the water heater in your home. It has to work overtime to heat the water you need, which can also raise your energy savings, as the water never has a chance to get hot before being used.

Another issue to consider is the type of fuel used to operate the water heater. News stories about explosions caused by gas leaks from the water heater are becoming more prominent. If you are afraid of a gas leak in your Houston home, you may wish to switch over to an electric tankless hot water heater when factoring in the water heater replacement cost and voltage requirements.

Lastly, take into account your energy costs. Old water heaters are continuously heating the water. It does not heat the water on demand. This constant usage can raise your energy costs up to 30% or more because you are using an old water heater. In addition, if you have shirked on the maintenance of the water heater, it could be using up even more energy to run as well as raise your repair costs.

Repairing the water heater may not be as cost effective as simply buying a new one. New water heaters are energy-efficient, can provide the right amount of water to your home, and will heat the water faster. In addition, there are many rebates and tax credits available based on the type of water heater you buy as this can lower the initial purchase costs.

Once you have considered your water heater replacement cost, give Southern Plumbing a call to install or repair your water heater. Our professional technicians will come to your home and give you the best advice on how to repair your water heater. We will also give you options for replacing your water heater so you have the hot water you need for your home.

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