Average Costs Of Sewer Drain Cleaning

When Should You Consider Sewer Drain Cleaning?
There are many indications when you should get sewer drain cleaning. If the water from all the sinks are draining slowly or won’t drain at all, this could indicate a clog in the sewer line. Other clog indications include having water back up repeatedly in the toilet, smelling strange odors from your drains, or you see water pooling around drains in the bathtub or floor of the basement.
What Is The Average Cost of Drain Cleaning?
The cost of cleaning out the sewer drains will normally be $150 or less. The plumber may charge a flat rate fee or charge you by the hour, so the costs will vary from plumber to plumber. The best way to nail down an exact price is to call a plumbing company such as Southern Plumbing to get a more exact price quote.
Should You Pay For A Camera Inspection Along With The Cleaning?
A typical sewer drain cleaning involves the plumber using a drain auger or snake to clear out the clogs in the main sewer line. Yet some plumbers want to tack on additional prices for camera inspections. The best way to determine if you should get this option will be based on prices and the clogged drain.
If the drain doesn’t clear after the plumber snakes the line, then you may have a serious obstruction. Getting a camera inspection can determine the place of the obstruction where you will have to get sewer replacement repairs. Yet if the plumber wants to inspect the line with the camera before snaking it, be wary. Only select this option if their price quotes are still lower than the competitions who just want to perform only the drain cleaning.
When Might Costs Increase?
Your costs will start to increase when a sewer drain cleaning leads to drain line repair. The costs of sewer line repairs can range from $500 to $5,000. While replacing the broken or damaged pipe isn’t costly, it is the demolition, excavation and cleanup costs that make the prices rise. Before having any type of replacement performed, find out all of your options. Then select the best option that will get the job done the right way while not being an expensive blow to your wallet.
What Is The Best Way to Hire A Company To Perform Sewer Drain Cleanings?
You need to do your research. Ensure the company is licensed and bonded before letting them perform any work at your home. Ask for references and find out reviews about the company. Also check for any complaints through reputable places such as the Better Business Bureau. Once you find that the company is great to work with, give them a call and ask for estimates for drain cleanings and repairs to your home.

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