Get Sewer Drain Cleaning Before Clogs Happen In Your Pipes

Hardly anyone thinks about getting sewer drain cleaning until after they have a sewage backup in their home. By that time, they have to deal with the large mess in their bathroom, kitchen or basement. In addition, they need to have emergency plumbing services as the plumber will charge extra money when called after hours.

Enough with cleaning sewage spills as well as having your pets and kids exposed to harmful bacteria that could endanger their health. Instead, get the sewer drain cleaned by a professional to stop the clogs from happening in the first place. Yet when should you have the drains cleaned? Also, do all the pipes need to be cleaned or just certain ones?

When To Clean The Drains?

Listen. Do you hear gurgling in the pipes behind your dishwasher or washing machine? This sound can be an indication of a clog forming as the water tries to move around it, causing the gurgling noise. You may also see water pooling around your drains as it takes several minutes to disappear, or having water back up in certain drains as you run the water.

All these indications are sure signs that you have a clog somewhere. Don’t just ignore it as the clog becomes worse. Instead, ask a plumber to perform a sewer drain cleaning to clear the pipes to resolve the problem.

Which Pipes Need A Cleaning?

Not every sewer pipe may have a clog. You may run the water in the kitchen without any problems. Yet the moment you turn on the washing machine in the laundry room, water may start coming up the drain in the wash basin sink. In this case, sewer drain cleaning only needs to be done in the pipes in the laundry room, referred to as the secondary pipes.

If you run the water in the kitchen sink and every drain in the entire house backs up, that means you may have a clog in the main sewer line. The clog may be in the inside or outside of your home leading to the town’s sewage system. A plumber can place a video camera down the pipe to determine the reason for the clog if ordinary cleaning methods doesn’t work. You may have a collapsed sewer pipe in the yard, or a pipe that is cracked as tree roots or dirt has caused a blockage. In these cases, you may need to have sewer replacement to your outdoor pipes.

Always call a plumber the moment you begin experiencing any type of problems. You can cut down on your sewer drain cleaning costs when scheduling an appointment versus calling for 24-hour emergency service when you have sewage shooting out of your drains. Have the clean drains you need for a happy and healthy home.

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