A Better Way to Find a Leaking Pipe Than Holes in the Wall

Do-it yourself-plumbing can save money but when the job goes horribly wrong, it can cost a fortune. Even repairs that seem easy can go wrong when an inexperienced homeowner uses the wrong parts or does not use the right tools. Our trained plumbers come with the right tools and experience to solve any plumbing problems, including a leaking pipe.
Finding the leak
Indicators of a leak include:

  • The water bill shows an increase in water consumption
  • The dial on the water meter spins when all the water inside and outside the home are off
  • A drop in water pressure occurs

Checking the pipes under sinks or in basement takes little time. The pipes running in the ceiling, floor, and crawl space do not offer easy access. Homeowners who put holes in the shower walls trying to find the faulty pipe can do thousands of dollars in unnecessary damage.
We send plumbing experts with the proper equipment for leak detection in Houston. Our technicians use temperature sensors to find leaks behind walls, flooring and other obstructions. Before trying to find the leak in shower, call us. We will not make a hole in the wall until we find the leaking pipe.
A repair that takes an inexperienced homeowner a day or more to find and fix, takes us just a few hours.
Fixing the leak
Common mistakes made while fixing a leaking pipe include:

  • Connecting non-matching materials
  • Over-tightening connections
  • Not putting it back together right

When replacing pipes, not all metals work the same. If combining copper and steel, for example, a rubber seal and plastic cover to keep the metals from touching are a must. When these metals touch, they corrode and clog the pipes.
Over tightening connections strips the threads and can cause a leaking pipe.
Taking a faucet apart takes only a few minutes, but putting it back together can prove impossible when the steps to put it back together are forgotten. When taking a faucet or piping apart, write down the order in which they go back together or take pictures.
Water damage
Leaking water not only raises the water bill; it can destroy a home. The results of long-term water leaks include:

  • Rotted wooden flooring and walls
  • Mold that causes illnesses, allergies and long-term health problems
  • Rusted, corroded pipes

The cost to repair any of these exceeds the price of our plumbing services. Always repair leaks no matter how small, before they cause extensive damage.
For leaks hiding behind walls, under floors or in the crawl space call our team. We also repair and replace HVAC appliances, water heaters and all plumbing problems.

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