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We at Southern Plumbing know that without understanding what a sewer replacement entails, it’s difficult to understand why one costs as much as it does. While the figures can be tricky depending on the job, a ballpark figure for a replacement is going to be around $2,000.

The reason sewer replacement costs are so much is because it typically requires around two hundred hours of labor or several people working together. While materials, labor and equipment hours make up the bulk of the total costs, inefficiency makes up the rest. 

If a contractor makes mistakes and is forced to re-do work before the project is complete, the costs for the client increase dramatically. 

Southern Plumbing’s Understanding of How to Reduce Costs

Sewer replacement — even a sewer drain cleaning — is a complex processes that requires experience in order to keep client’s costs to a minimum. We as Southern Plumbing have several means of reducing costs:

Minimize Equipment Hours – Running equipment — whether it’s a backhoe, mini-excavator or trencher — is generally the most expensive aspect of replacing a sewer. Running equipment, when the price of the operator is included, can cost upwards of $100 an hour. In order to reduce these expenses, Southwest only hires experienced, efficient operators.

Eliminate Equipment Costs All Together– The costs of operating equipment can be eliminated with trenchless sewer pipe. However, in order not to lose the savings to error and inefficiency, Southwest uses foremen with experience utilizing this relatively new technology.

Materials Costs – We at Southern Plumbing understand that large numbers of small costs add up to a great deal of money. That is why our foremen supervise our apprentices and laborers throughout the entire process of replacing a sewer. 
At Southern Plumbing, we measure twice so we only have to cut once. We don’t prime and swab before a joint is ready to glue and waste fittings. We keep the site clean and don’t leave big rocks hanging over the bank that can fall into the hole and break pipe.

Plan Development – The largest factor leading to inefficiency and error is the failure to develop a project plan. There are certain variables that are consistent throughout all sewer replacement projects including outflow and intake elevations, fall gradient requirements (determined by state, county and municipal codes), pressurization test requirements, flange and sleeve requirements and trench base requirements. 

The failure to plan for any and all of these vaiable and requirements means the client pays more. That is why we at Southern Plumbing put such an emphasis on understanding the dynamics and obstacles of every project we accept before we break ground. 

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