Sewer Drain Cleaning Can Prevent Serious Damage Inside Your Home

Nobody every thinks about getting sewer drain cleaning until something serious happens inside their home. By this time, serious damages could result that lead to more costly repairs. Two of the biggest problems are that homeowners wait too long to get professional help, and they try to clean out the sewer line themselves but do an insufficient job.

First off, you need to understand what sewer lines are your responsibility to fix. Sewage pipes inside your home and underneath your property leading up to the street are your responsibility or the responsibility of the property owner if you are renting a home. The sewage and wastewater lines leading from the street to the wastewater treatment plant fall within the authority of the local municipality.

Most problems with the sewer line result in clogs caused by hair, foreign objects and FOG (fats, grease and oils). These problems can seem simple to fix. Just grab a bottle of sewer drain cleaner and pour it down the pipe. Unfortunately, some clogs simply cannot be cleared in such a manner, as you can spend tons of cash buying ineffective cleaners or home sewer snake tools.

Sewer drain cleaning should be down by a professional if you have a clog that cannot be cleared out with the use of cleaners or if your sewer line repeatedly experiences clogs and water backup. These could be signs that there might be a more serious problem with the pipe.

Tree limbs, collapsed pipe walls and mis-aligned pipe joints can cause sewage backups inside your home. Pipes under the lawn do not get replaced as often as the sewage lines in the house. In fact, unless you have wastewater or sewage rising to the surface of the lawn, you won’t know that there is a problem until it is too late. By that time, you may need to have sewer replacement services performed to your pipe lines.

There are numerous methods to sewer drain cleaning. Snaking the line is the most common method to remove clogs. A professional plumber may also use water jetting to remove FOG from the lines where the fats, oil and grease cooled and built-up inside the pipe. For other problems, the plumber will use special camera/video equipment to inspect the interior of the pipe and locate the reasons why you are having sewer problems.

The moment you hear your pipes gurgling or the water is running very slowly down the drain, contact a professional plumber such as Southern Plumbing. They can come out to your home and inspect your sewer line to determine the best method to clean out the pipes. They can also provide emergency plumbing services if you have wastewater and sewage backing up inside the basement of your home or one of your pipes have burst. So don’t wait another minute to get the professional sewer drain cleaning you need.

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