A Sewer Replacement Doesn't Have to Be a Blind Guess

Sewer replacement and sewer backups are common, and the older the system is, the more likely a homeowner will realize a serious or catastrophic problem. Issue can be caused by root and pest intrusion, corrosion and aging of pipes, clogs and sediment blocking, and earth pressure as well. Think sewer pipes like an artery going out from the house; when problems occur it’s usually the artery wall has failed or a blockage inside is reducing or not letting flow pass through. Eventually, everything backups or leaks to the surrounding area when a failure occurs.
Because sewer pipes and systems are almost always underground, anticipating or estimating a sewer replacement can be hard or impossible for the average person. As a result, one of the most common tools used for evaluation is to run a camera down through the pipe to see the system from the inside. Via the camera and details seen a trained technician can both evaluate and estimate the extent of damage as well as the likely repair needed. It’s this kind of information that gives a homeowner a far better idea of what a repair will require.
Methods of Repair
There are different types of sewer replacement and repair, ranging from wholesale unearthing and replacing of a line to trenchless approach that usually require no major digging. Not every method applies as a default; in fact, most of the methods are determined on a case-by-case approach which in turn impacts costs. A traditional dig-up and replacement approach can be far more expensive as well as disruptive. However, once done, the system will run literally as a new system, not requiring much in the way of maintenance or work for years to come. A trenchless approach, on the other hand, runs a system through the existing, failing pipe and bursts it to make room for a new line being pulled right behind. That avoids digging, but it doesn’t always work in every situation. However, where applied, a trenchless approach can be cheaper than a traditional dig-up project.
Roots, ground-type, the existing system and load, demand, and budget all come into play determining the method of major repair or replacement. Often, a simple routing can solve the problem, and an old pipe line can still work for a few years more. Again, without an expert analysis, estimating a repair need can be very hard or impossible top side.
In Summary
Working with a qualified sewer service like Southern Plumbing can make a big difference in the successful outcome of a sewer repair or sewer replacement project. Their technicians can even help with newer technology options such as installation of a tankless hot water heater system and similar. So if your project seems gargantuan, and the need is serious, give Southern Plumbing a call to find out more information.

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