The Benefits of Installing a Tankless Hot Water Heater

Many people are considering the investment in a tankless hot water heater and with good reason. These systems have become a go-to solution for those who wish to lower their overall heating bills because they replace older, larger tanks. In a traditional hot water heater tank setup, the system continues to run to heat the tank full of water. It maintains this water at a specific temperature throughout the day, replenishing the supply as needed. With a tankless system, there’s no tank and, as a result, no need to keep the heating going. How do they work and can they be the ideal investment for you and for your home?
According to, gas tankless hot water heaters were 22 percent more energy efficient than an average gas-fired storage tank system. That could amount to a savings of up to $80 per year, every year. In many cases, higher efficiency systems are available to potentially further reduce the cost of your hot water bills.
How Do They Work?
There’s no need for sewer replacement or complex plumbing re-adjustments with this type of system. According to, the system works to heat water directly, without any type of storage tank in place. There are both electric and gas products available. In both cases, when the consumer turns on the hot water, these gas or electric burners fire up. They heat water right away, nearly instantly in fact. This creates a constant supply of hot water that’s available at the location you need it and without having to have it sit in a tank all day.
There are a few key things to know about these systems prior to investment. First, you will need to install the system properly into your home. This requires a professional who is experienced with this type of system. The device needs to be installed at each area of a water demand point, such as near the shower. In most cases, the output limits the flow rate. That is, you’ll need to choose a system that has the ability to produce enough hot water for you at the flow rate you desire. Some upgraded options are available, but some people may want to talk to their plumber about the type of water pressure and flow rate they will have based on the configurations of their home.
With the investment in a tankless hot water heater, it may be possible for you to see your energy bills drop significantly. However, it is critical to install these properly to ensure they will work long term and to the level of your specific need. A variety of products available from numerous manufacturers. With the help of an experienced professional in these tankless heaters, you’ll have no problem seeing the benefits that these systems can offer to you even nearly immediately on installation.

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