Should your Water Heater in Houston Be Repaired or Replaced?

When taking care of a water heater in Houston, it is important to know when it is time to repair or replace the water heater. Many people do not give their water heater much consideration until they find themselves with a problem on their hands. When people find themselves faced with a cold shower or a flood in their basement, they may struggle to determine if the water heater should be replaced or repaired. Homeowners must consider the cost of the actual replacement or repair compared to the efficiency of the water heater and the long term costs. Here are some helpful hints for making that determination.

Age of the water heater

The water heaters built today tend to be much more efficient than those of the past. They use far less energy and therefore cost less to run, potentially saving homeowners hundreds of dollars a year in bills. For this reason, a water heater that is ten years old or even older should definitely just be replaced. Though the cost may be bigger up front, the money saved in the long term will help to defer the expense. A younger water heater should probably be sufficient for energy efficiency and it may be more cost efficient to simply repair it.

Check for leaks

As minerals build up in a water heater over time they can cause corrosion, which will eventually lead to a leak. Leaks of this type in a water heater in Houston are virtually impossible to fix in any cost efficient manner, so these problems almost always result in replacement. Homeowners do want to make sure that the leak is not coming from any of the other pipes, however, before they invest in a new heater.

Watch the easily replaceable parts

A water heater is made of a variety of parts, which means that any one of them can have difficulties. Fortunately, many of them can be easily replaced. For example, the circuit breaker can trip or the thermostat can break. It can be difficult for many people to make the correct determination about the piece which has broken and how easy it will be to replace. For this reason, if the reason for the water heater problem is not immediately obvious, it is often best to call in plumbing professionals who can accurately determine the status of the water heater in Houston.

Preventing future problems

After many people go through the trouble of repairing or replacing their water heater, they often want to know how to keep the equipment running efficiently and avoid unnecessary costs. Cleaning the heater of sentiment and build up each year can help prevent premature corrosion, and as an added bonus, can keep the water heater running more efficiently.

Whenever people have questions about their water heater in Houston, or any other plumbing difficult, such as a sewer drain cleaning, contact Southern Plumbing. We would be happy to answer any questions and help you make sure your water is warmed comfortably and efficiently.

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