Cut Down On Your Water Heater Replacement Cost By Identifying Leak Problems

The water heater replacement cost for your home can be more than your bank account can handle. Consider the costs of replacing your water heater the same as replacing your furnace. You need to have a fully functioning system for the needs of your home that isn’t costing you tons of money to use or maintain. In fact, you will use up to 18% of your energy costs to run your water heater. For these reasons, you need to perform regular maintenance of your water heater to ensure it is in tiptop condition and to identify leak problems the moment they appear.

Some of the top places where you will discover a leak will be at the temperature and pressure relief valve (T&P valve), and the water heater drain valve. If you see water leaking around the T&P valve, the first thing you should check is the water temperature. Setting the temperature too high can cause the valve to leak as lowering it down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit should fix the problem.

If the T&P valve is still leaking, there may be mineral buildup inside the valve, which is a common occurrence for homes that use wells. Remove the T&P valve according to the manufacturer’s instructions for your brand of water heater and check for signs of corrosion. Your water heater replacement cost may be as simple as replacing the defective valve. If the valve looks clean and you have municipal water lines, your home may be receiving too much high water pressure through the municipal water system. You need to contact Southern Plumbing who can perform the proper leak detection for Houston homes if you suspect high water pressure is causing the problem.

When you go into your basement and see water leaking around the water heater drain valve, this could indicate that sediment has worn down and corroded your valve. Proper maintenance of the water heater by draining the tank and sediment inside can prevent drain valve leaks and eliminate your water heater replacement cost. Fixing the drain valve can be a simple process of replacing the washer if you have a brass valve or replacing the entire valve if it is plastic.

Unfortunately, this will require you to drain the water heater, which can be a necessary hassle. Contact Southern Plumbing if you don’t feel comfortable replacing the valve yourself or if replacing the valve hasn’t stopped the leak. The expert plumber can help you identify the reason why your water heater is leaking to give you the best options based on your particular budget.

Don’t just throw up your hands when you see a leak as you count your money for the water heater replacement cost. The problem with a leaking water heater could be as simple as replacing the valves as you can still use your existing water heater for many more years.

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