Get Leak Dection For Houston Electric Water Heaters

An electric water heater spraying water on the floor is not something you want to have happen in your home, as you need experts in leak detection for Houston water heaters to fix most normal problems. Yet you can inspect the water heater unit yourself to determine the main problem as you may be able to fix the water heater with a little elbow grease.

Determining The Cause Of Electric Water Heater Leaks

Most often the valves are the cause of the leak. But if you have already checked the valves and there is still water on the floor, you can look for other causes that can be affecting the water heater. No matter what the problem may be, you need to keep yourself safe when dealing with water and electricity. So shut off the power to the electric water heater and turn off the main water line.

Leaking pipes can be one common problem. The pipe joint could have loosened over time sending water down the pipe and onto the water heater, making you believe the water heater itself has a leak. Check out your pipes first to see where the water is coming from as you can fix it by tightening the connection with an adjustable wrench. Do not over-tighten the connection as you could end up breaking it.

If you checked the water lines, another method of leak detection for Houston water heaters is to check the heating element. Again, this can be a simple fix as all you have to do is tighten the mounting bolts. The bolts should be snug without being over-tightened. Then you can switch back on the electricity and water supply to see if this repair has fixed the leak.

Once you turn on the water, check to see if all your leaks have been fixed. If you still notice water coming from the tank, a third method of leak detection for Houston water heaters is to inspect the tank itself. Water tanks aren’t designed to last forever as it could have corroded, creating a crack that allows water to escape. There is no quick fix technique for such a problem. You must replace the water heater. When figuring out your water heater replacement cost, factor in for a water heater that has energy-efficient materials and operation. By selecting an energy-efficient model, you can cut down on your monthly electricity and water bills.

Leak detection for Houston electric water heaters isn’t difficult once you understand the places on the water heater that can create problems. If after all your efforts you still can’t determine the problem, then have Southern Plumbing come to your home. We will completely inspect your water heater and connection pipes as southern Plumbing will give you the best solution to fix the problem.

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