Who To Contact For Leak Detection In Houston?

Question: When should I consider leak detection in Houston?
Answer: There are several factors that may indicate there is a leak in your home or yard. If you see discolored drywall in the home where water or sewer pipes run, you may have a leak somewhere. Also consider hiring someone to detect leaks if there are strange smells coming from the pipes under sinks, if you see water pooling in the front yard, or your water pressure is low.
Question: Why is it important to get leak detection for my plumbing?
Answer: With the growing problem of water shortages in the Houston area, it becomes important for homeowners and businesses to conserve water in every way possible. The best solution is to fix leaks — no matter how minor — in homes and commercial buildings. A dripping sink in your basement washroom or leaking sprinkler lines could be wasting gallons of water a day. Having a plumber detect leaks will lessen the likelihood of statewide drought emergencies.
Question: Who should I call to get leak detection in Houston?
Answer: It will depend on the location of the leak. If you are sure the leak is happening in your home or yard, then Southern Plumbing is the company to call. We have experienced plumbers who are ready to come to your home or commercial business to find our where the leak is located, repair the leak and give advice on how to prevent future leaks to your plumbing in Houston. Our company handles issues with main water lines and with sewer drainage lines leading out of your home to municipal sewer lines.
Question: What if there is water appearing near the edge of the property, sidewalk or street?
Answer: The problem may not be coming from your home as it could be a broken sewer or water main that is spilling water into your yard. The City of Houston has a 3-1-1 help line to call or you can go to their online 3-1-1 help and information website to submit a service request. You may also ask for information if your water tastes strange, has a strong odor, or is discolored if these problems aren’t isolated to just your home’s water supply.
Question: How much will leak detection cost?
Answer: Leak detection in Houston will have varying costs based on where the leak is located and what will be required to repair the pipe. Leaks and repairs that can be easily accessed, such as a leak to a pipe under the sink, will cost less than leaks that are underground or encased in the home’s foundation. These types of leaks will require excavation to remove cement and soil to reach and fix the leaking pipe.
Question: Does Southern Plumbing provide other types of services?
Answer: We provide a variety of services besides leak detection. We also fix clogged drains, repair toilets, tighten fixtures, hook up dishwater replacements, install water heater replacements, and address health safety concerns with your water. Call us today to get a full list of services we can provide you.

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