Minimize Damage To Walls And Tiles To Reach A Leaking Pipe

One of the most aggravating home problems is dealing with a leaking pipe. Yet what makes the situation even worse is where the leak may be located. Pipes under sinks or in basements are easy to fix without dealing with any added costs. Yet when the leaky pipe is located behind drywall or ceramic tile, it becomes a nightmare to fix.
Home Insurance May Cover All Tear-Out And Repairs
While it is true that some home insurance policies will cover the repair of tearing out walls and tiles, each policy is different and has a different timeframe on when to file a claim. In addition, just because the insurance is absorbing the costs, it doesn’t lessen the amount of the mess that is created when tearing out walls to locate the source of the leak. It becomes even worse when tearing out tile in the bathroom.
Since tile comes in different patterns and colors, it can become hard matching the old tile with the new pieces when repairing the wall. Tile may need to be reordered as the time it takes to repair the wall affects a person’s daily life and activities.
Before Building Or Remodeling Rooms, Consider Access Points To Fix Pipes
Homeowners can minimize the mess and damage to their walls if they take into consideration that a leaking pipe will eventually happen in the home. Once they accept the fact that age or clogs will force a plumber to replace pipe work or the water heater in a Houston home, the homeowner can figure out the best way that the plumber can access the pipe without damaging too many of the walls or tiles.
Access panels and doors are ideal components to add to a home. If a pipe runs through an interior wall, an access panel on the opposite side of the wall will allow the experienced plumber to reach the pipe. No tile needs to be damaged as the panel may consist of a small decorative door on hinges inside a closet or wall that can be swung open or close. A person may also consider a decorative panel that can be pulled out from the wall and placed back in as the decorative border hides the cutout line.
For a drop-in tub where the faucet is offset in a corner with pipes running beside the tub, you may wish to consider a pull-out panel in the front of the tub structure. If you don’t like the look of hinges or there is a tile surround, the panel can be set in place using magnets with the tile attached to the front as it will still look beautiful while being functional.
No longer deal with the mess associated with a leaking pipe. Instead, remodel or build a home with access points to reach pipes as it will create a cleaner and happier home when the pipe is fixed.

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