Installing a Tankless Hot Water Heater and Repairing Leaking Pipes Will Reduce Utility Bills

Homeowners considering upgrading to a tankless hot water heater will certainly be interested in learning more about the many benefits installing one or more of these energy saving devices can bring into your home. Since water heating accounts for an average of 30 percent of utility costs in most American homes, eliminating the energy used to store hot water can provide an impressive return of investment in a new tankless hot water heater.
Tankless hot water heating units (also known as on-demand units) can produce a virtually unlimited supply of hot water and provide households with a substantial saving in energy costs. Eliminating a hot water storage tank prevents homeowners from paying for the heat losses of stored hot water. Both whole house and site specific versions of tankless hot water heaters are available. With careful sizing of each unit based on the maximum hot water flow rate needed at any one time combined with the temperature of your home’s incoming water and preferred hot water termperature, a properly sized tankless hot water heater can be chosen for each home and/or location.
Different households and locations within each household will most commonly require hot water temperatures between 120 and 140 degrees farenheit. The lower end of the temperature range is recommended in households with children to prevent scalding while the higher water temperatures are useful in homes with dishwaters lacking an internal heater or other specific need(s) for very hot tap water. Larger tankless heaters are needed in situations where the required hot tap water temperature is on the high end of the range.
If you are in need of additional plumbing services such as repairing a slowly leaking pipe but have been waiting for the motivation to contact a professional plumber or have delayed calling in the hopes of being able to take care of the job yourself, combining multiple plumbing services (such as installation of a new water heater and pipe maintenance) into one service call may serve as the catalyst that calls a homeowner into action. Or perhaps you are suspicious that you have one or more leaky pipes due to water usage rates creeping mysteriously higher than normal but cannot locate a definite leak. Professional detection of leaking pipes can help homeowners maintain the value of their homes by stopping and/or repairing any water damage occurring as a result of hidden pipe leaks while simultaneously saving homeowners money on water bills.
For customers on a budget who just don’t have time to complete the task of repairing leaky pipes, combining the cost of the installation of your new water heater with any needed pipe repair services can save money and serve as an excellent motivator to complete two important home maintenance and improvement issues with a single service call in many cases.
Our company has been in business for more than 10 years helping Texas residents meet their household plumbing needs. We can assist you in learning more about tankless hot water heater in addition to other plumbing issues.

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