Older Homes Require Extra Care To Their Plumbing In Houston

New homebuyers experience major headaches with the plumbing in Houston homes if they are interested in remodeling the house. And the older the home is, the greater the chances that the plumbing will be in serious disrepair. So when a person goes to look at an older home as their next fixer-upper project, they must consider the amount of time, money and effort it will take to bring the plumbing up to code and place the pipe work in the best locations during the renovation.
Locate The Pipe Network In The Older Home
Before placing one sledgehammer in the wall, locating the pipe network has to be at the top of the list during a remodel. How often have you seen a home remodeling reality show where they just start banging the walls with hammers without considering what is in the walls? Then they discover — too late — that their harsh methods have inadvertently busted a pipe. This problem leads to additional hassles as they discover a broken main in the basement and clogged sewer pipes in the yard due to tree roots.
Once you discover the pipe network, have a professional plumber examine the current state of the pipes. While they may look fine to you, the plumbing in Houston can be affected by age, use and extreme weather conditions. The plumber will be able to spot problems at this early stage of the remodeling project so the pipes can be moved or fixed now while the walls are down.
Checking The Sewer Lines
After the new pipes are placed into the home, it is ideal to have the sewer pipes checked for clogs or blockage. Standard sewer drain cleaning will clear out most problems so your water will move freely through pipes. Yet if there are broken pipes or tree roots clogging the sewer lines under the yard, you will need more in-depth plumbing service to get the pipes in working order again.
Sewer line inspections often involve the use of CCTV and cameras placed down the sewer pipe. This technique allows the plumber to quickly find any problems and where the problems are located so that repairs can be made.
Don’t Let The Plumbing In Older Homes Stop Your Remodeling Project
While changing old plumbing in Houston homes will require extra care and expert plumbing services, you can have a successful renovation if you prepare for the possibility of plumbing issues. Also, look at it as a great opportunity to upgrade the plumbing so you will have less issues to deal with in the future. Contact professional plumbers such as Southern Plumbing at the beginning of your remodeling project so we can begin the work immediately to keep up with your renovation deadlines. With our expert plumbers at the home, we can install the plumbing to fit into your renovation plans so your home will be exactly the way you want it.

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