A Sewer Drain Cleaning Can Stop Bad Smells

A professional sewer drain cleaning can remove clogs so water and other liquids run smoothly through your pipes. Yet what about smells? You walk into your bathroom and the foul odor smacks into your nose, sending you into a cleaning frenzy as your scrub everything from the bath tub tiles to the toilet. Unfortunately, the smell continues to linger even with all the air fresheners plugged into the wall sockets. It has gotten so bad that you don’t even want to use the bathroom anymore.
The Problem Can Be A Stinky Drain
We pour a large amount of waste, juice, food, dirt and other liquids down the drains. These liquids have a certain amount of bacteria that likes to grow in damp and dark places. The bacteria can coat the surface of your pipes, leading your drains to smell. In addition, every sink drain has a water trap to prevent sewer gases from entering your home. If the water dries out inside the trap because you haven’t used the sink or bathtub for awhile (such as if you are on a vacation), the gases may be entering your home.
Some people will pour dishwashing liquid or cleansers down the drain for a quick fix. While this will eliminate most odors, if the odors persist despite your best efforts, you may have a more serious problem. There could be a partial blockage in the drain pipe or sewer line that cannot be cleared using drain cleaner liquids. Sewer drain cleaning performed by a professional plumber such as Southern Plumbing can clear out the drain to get rid of both the odor and the blockage.
Another service you may want to have the plumber perform is leak detection in Houston. The smell may be coming from a leak in the pipe as the water is penetrating the drywall or sink cabinet and causing the area to smell. By addressing leaking pipes, you can minimize damages and the possibility of mold growth forming.
If the drains are clear and the smell remains, another problem may be that there is inadequate ventilation to vent the sewer gases and promote proper drainage. Again, contacting a plumber from Southern Plumbing can identify the issues to resolve the problem.
You don’t have to just live with the bad smells. Sewer drain cleaning can put a stop to the bad smells as well as clear out your drain pipes so that the water runs freely. If you are having any problem with your pipes that cannot be readily identified, then it is on your best interest to contact a qualified plumber. The plumber will evaluate your pipes and give you the best advice based on your specific plumbing problems. Then you will be able to have a fresh-smelling home without wasting money on buying air fresheners or drain cleaning liquids that only mask the problems.

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