Purchasing a new Water Heater near Houston

Are you looking to purchase a water heater near Houston? You should look no further than Southern Plumbing. Southern Plumbing offers service to businesses and home residences, so no matter how big or small the job, it will get done right the first time. 24-hour service is available in Sugar Land, Missouri City, and the Greater Houston Area, so there’s no reason to allow a water heater leak or other issue ruin your day.

Southern Plumbing has been open since 2004, and with a decade of experience, it offers services that you need like pipe repairs, sewer repairs, dishwasher hookup replacements, fixtures, heath safety concerns, leaky sinks, and other issues. You will receive your pricing up front when you get your water heater near Houston from Southern Plumbing, so you won’t have any surprises when it comes to cost.

To give you an idea of pricing, it’s important to know that it can vary significantly. Average costs, though, are usually around $622 to $793. At Southern Plumbing, our affordable services mean you can get your hot water back without worrying about an extreme cost.

Did you know that an electric water heater or traditional tank-style gas water heater has a normal life span of only eight to 12 years? This is a common item that will need replaced a few times during your lifetime in your home, so don’t pay more than you need to get the best water heater for your residence. It can cost up to $2,000 to get a water heater installed in your home, and it varies based on what you have; at Southern Plumbing, the average is under $800, a great amount less than our competitors.

You’re paying for a profession who is qualified and licensed when you worth with Southern Plumbing. Your water heater will be installed correctly and all safety features will be in place. Additionally, your water heater will be up to code, and that’s important if you ever sell your home or even if you just want to be safe. Remember, installing your own water heater is extremely dangerous; electric installations can have voltage of 240 volts, and gas heaters could get gas leaks that can result in explosions or other problems in the home. Venting is also important, and if that isn’t done right, you could be exposed to carbon monoxide.

Remember, when you want to buy a water heater near Houston, you shouldn’t pay too much. Get a professional to do the job right; Southern Plumbing can help. With inexpensive pricing and qualified plumbers, you’ll have a safe installation that gives you the hot water you need.

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