4 Signs You Need Sewer Replacement Services

Underground sewer lines are one of the most crucial and most forgotten elements of a home’s plumbing system. However, factors like tree roots and blockages can easily cause expensive damage if they are not taken care of when they are first noticed. Here are four signs you need sewer replacement services.
#1: Odor
You know the old saying that “the nose knows”? Well, in this case it is true. One of the most telltale signs that your sewer lines need attention is a foul odor. This is caused by rotting sewage backing up in your plumbing and emitting a scent. The smell can come from your drains, toilets, or even outside depending where on your property the problem is. It can also manifest each time you run your washing machine.
#2: Slow Drains
Does your bathtub, shower, or sink take longer than necessary to drain? While this could just be a sign of a clog, it can also be a sign of trouble. A backup of matter and/or liquid within the drain pipes could be a clue that you need sewer replacement services.
#3: Shifting Water Lines
Another easy way to tell that your home needs sewer replacement services is shifting water lines. This is where the water in your toilet bowl goes from full to completely empty without being flushed. If you notice this happening, calling a plumbing professional should be a priority.
#4: Soggy Soil
Are you noticing patches of soggy soil in your yard? Has the weather been dry and you haven’t recently watered? This can be a major indicator of a leaking, damaged, or collapsed underground sewer line. While it may not always be the case, this indicator usually goes along with an unlpleasant odor and the other three signs mentioned above.
Replacing your sewer lines may not be on your radar as a top home improvement priority. However, failing to call a plumbing professional should you notice any of these signs can lead to a much larger disaster such as a sewage backup, flood, or other major disaster. Take a proactive approach by having your property and plumbing inspected prior to a major problem. (Trust us, you’ll be happy you did.)
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