If You Suspect a Gas Leak in Houston, Call Southern Plumbing Immediately

A gas leak in Houston might initially be confused with the not-so-fresh smell of your home’s sewer system acting up. That’s because of the “rotten-egg” smell that is added to natural gas for the express purpose of warning of a leakage of the otherwise odorless gas. As such, at Southern Plumbing, we frequently get called out to locate water and gas leaks that can potentially cause serious harm to you or your family. Don’t let a gas leak in Houston harm your family when our team of expert technicians is standing by to find the cause of your problem and get it squared away before a tragedy can strike. Knowing what to look for and what steps should immediately be done in the event of a gas leak can spell the difference between a plumber coming, by and a first responder arriving to your door.

What Are the Warning Signs and What Should I Do?

If there is a natural gas pipeline leak into your home or from your water heater near Houston, there should be some tell-tale signs that you need to be aware of. Discovering a gas leak involves all of your senses. As mentioned, a rotten-egg small may convey the existence of a problem, but you should also keep your eyes and ears open just in case. Towards that end, be aware of any persistent bubbling, standing water, or discoloration near your natural gas pipeline. Additionally, listen for any odd sounds that might suggest something is amiss. For instance, a leak might announce itself with a gentle hissing sound or a giant roar, so you need to be attuned to the sounds of your home. Should you, your family members, or friends begin displaying flu-like symptoms then that could be an indication that there is a leak on the premises.

If you suspect that there is a gas leak on your property you need to leave immediately. Upon leaving the property, go to a safe location and then call 911 to report the problem. It’s critical that on your way out the door that you do not do anything that could ignite a spark such as flicking on an electrical switch, using a phone, or even the internet. Only after you have cleared the building should you consider using any electronics to alert authorities.

A natural gas leak in Houston can be deadly if not identified and acted upon immediately. Those particularly at risk are the very old, the very young, and people with respiratory illnesses, so it just makes sense to install C02 detectors throughout your home to ward against the noxious fumes.

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At Southern Plumbing, we are experts at tracking down, locating, and fixing gas leak problems throughout the greater Houston area. We are committed to keeping you and your families safe and sound, so if you even suspect that your natural gas lines might be emitting unhealthy gases, give us a call, so we can make sure that the problem is fixed immediately and correctly.

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